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Viral Fried Chicken

Viral Fried Chicken is a provider of fast food in the form of fried chicken with a cart business model. Viral Fried Chicken is packed in Toyyiban Halal without additional MSG, and is equipped with two business models, namely investors and operators.


This web site is dedicated to Rattan Based Product Small Medium Entreprises in Indonesia (SME). The SMEs are now able to display their outstanding products in our online galery. As displayed in the galery, buyers all over the world will be well informed on Indonesian rattan based products. The website is funded by research grant from Indonesian Higher Education Ministery as a research output.


BOLT! is a 4G LTE operator in Indonesia launched by Internux on November 14, 2013. BOLT! was originally owned by Internux from the start of the launch until 2015 and First Media began in mid-2014.

Kafilah Iman

Kafilah Iman is an institution that serves the journey of Umrah and Hajj services established in 2011. As with other Umrah and Hajj service institutions, the Faith caravan also has a service program that refers to the provisions of the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia as a domestic requirement as well as regulations regarding the Umrah and Hajj services determined by the Saudi Kingdom Arabia.

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